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1.Express Wash$6.00
Wash & Blow Dry
2.Basic Wash$14.00
Wash, Vacuum, Towel Dry, Clean Windows, Wipe Door Jambs, Wipe Top of Dash, Wheels Cleaned
3.Works Package$22.00
Basic Wash + Bug Removal, Triple Foam Polish, Tire Dressing
4.Ultra Package$28.00
Works Package + Undercarriage, Front 2 Doors, Dash & Console Wiped Down
5.Total Package$32.00
Ultra Package, + All Doors, Cup Holders, Kick Panels Wiped Down
6.Mini Detail$48.00
Total Package + Clear Coat Protectant, Sealer Coat, UV Protectant Applied, 2 Front Mats Cleaned
A $2 charge will be added for trucks, vans & SUVs

Express Details
Express Wax $45.00
Complete exterior wax
Interior Express $40.00
Dash, door panels, center console, trim cleaned & dressed
Carpet Express $50.00
Shampoo entire carpet area
Seat Express $55.00
Clean and condition leather & vinyl seats, Pre-treat and shampoo cloth seats
*For trucks, SUVs and vans add $20 per service

Full Details
Complete Express Detail - Starting at $160.00
All four Express Details including Car Wash
Bumper to Bumper Detail - Starting at $190.00
Clean vehicle from front to back including trunk, compartments, engine and fender wells
*For small trucks, small SUVs
and minivans add $30.00
*For large trucks, large SUVs
and full size vans add $60.00
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$10.00 OFF
Mini Detail

Regular Price $48.00

Trucks, Vans, & SUV's Extra. Must Present Coupon - One Coupon Per Visit. Not valid with other offers or promotions.